TÜGİP, Food Innovation Platform of Turkey Regional Stakeholders Workshop
Date: November – December 2020

TÜGİP Regional Workshops took place online during November and December 2020. 71 cities in 22 regions have been covered in 16 online Workshops with the contribution of 249 participants from food sector companies, public agencies, universities and research institutes.

The main aim of the Workshops was to observe regarding the positive aspects, problems and priority areas and needs on the current situation of the food sector in the region within the scope of the R&D and Innovation activities. In the other part of the workshop, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Region were discussed with the participants, and the SWOT Analysis framework for the region was drawn.

Agenda of the Regional Workshops
Opening Remarks 
INNOFOOD Project and TÜGİP Presentation
Brainstorming on Regional Food Sector R&D activities, problems and needs
Prioritization of the problems and needs by the participants
SWOT Analysis of the food sector in the Region 
Presenting TÜGİP potential service framework and prioritization of the services according to the needs
Presentation of Outputs & Closing Remarks

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