Safe and Secure Food addresses the conditions and practices that preserve the quality of food to prevent contamination and foodborne illness including the quality safety and security of the food not to cause harm or cause any adverse health effect to the consumer or any consumer groups throughout the whole food chain and at the same time mobilising novel methodologies and technologies to ensure food supply security. 

Safe and secure food scope also address the claims (Ex.: helal, vegan, gdo free, allergen free, infant targeted foods) that are stated on the packaging or label of a food product, as some of these claims (Ex.: gmo free, allergen free, infant targeted foods) may also reason severe adverse health effects on vulnerable consumer groups when they do not reflect the real content of food. 

For TÜGİP the main subheadings in this group are:

  • Contaminant and Residue Management
  • Helal Foods
  • Food Supply Security
  • Food Fraud and Authenticity
  • Improving Safety and Quality in Agri-food
  • Proficiency Tests and Reference Materials