Thematic Areas

Collaboration & Value Co-Creation

In a knowledge-based economy, competitiveness is becoming more dependent upon the ability to apply new knowledge and technology in products and production processes. 

Indeed, due to the growing competition, globalisation and the rapid advancement of knowledge, new technologies and innovative concepts have a wider variety of sources, most of them outside the direct control of firms that have become more specialised and focused on their core competencies. 

Collaboration and partnership within networks is now the most important channel of knowledge sharing and exchange for co-creating value. 

Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 

Research, technology development and innovation are more relevant than ever for the food industry as it is critical to provide added value to consumers. 

By pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, TÜGİP has developed a strategic research and innovation agenda for value co-creation to sustain the competitiveness of the food sector

5 Priority Areas 

An efficient, sustainable, value added, zero-waste, eco-friendly, cost effective, identity preserved, traceable, and food safety focused approach has become a big deal in food processing from farm to fork, in the world today. 

In this context, patent database is a valuable resource to understand meaningful technological trends & track developments for a sustainable food value chain. Totally, 4300 utility model and patent applications have been made in Turkey for food technologies by November 2020. Applications from Turkey are mainly for food storage equipments, food processing techniques, food supplements, food monitoring and distribution systems, and recyclable food packaging. 

By being specific about the needs & requirements of the Turkish food sector, and acquainted with global trends & future prospects, TÜGİP aims to facilitate effective engagement and knowledge exchange through five technical priority areas:

  • SMART-MAX: Smart Agri-food
  • INNO-MAX: Food Processing Innovation
  • HEALTHY-MAX: Exploring Health & Wellness
  • SAFETY-MAX: Safe & Secure Food
  • VALUE-MAX: Innovation in Value Chain

Technical Committees

Prioritiy Areas are flexible parts of TÜGİP and may evolve to new focus areas as the global trends are changing rapidly. In order to keep up with the never ending industry change and stay ahead of the curve, Turkish Food Sector can facilitate the outcomes of the comprehensive research conducted by the Technical Committees.

The Technical Committees of TÜGİP are the foundation of an in-depth global research study, including technology developments, innovation trends, who will evaluate the outputs of each Priority Area and its sub-categories as well.  

Technical Committees offer a suitable medium for initiating and developing joint R&D and Innovation projects as different types of stakeholders with specific interests and operation fields will come together.