Technology & Innovation

Be at the Forefront of Technology & Innovation 

Get access to specialist expertise for any food & beverage related production, equipment and installation & embrace new opportunities to test, develop & evaluate any idea, receipe, product or process without any investment or stopping your production lines, and collaborate with various actors in food industry. 

TÜGİP offers 7 comprehensive technology & innovation services: 

  • R&D & Innovation Projects: R&D and Innovation Projects can be considered as “the flagship technology and innovation operation” of TÜGİP. Members find opportunities of collaboration, common-benefit and co-creation under Technical Committees of TÜGİP, which are highly prestigious structures that can be considered as “Gates to Innovation System for Turkish Food Sector”. National & international grants will be actively used to initiate and perform R&D and Innovation Projects. 
  • Contracted Research: The goal of contracter paid research vary in scope and depth; ranging from new product and process development to optimization studies. Technical Committees of TÜGİP will offer a suitable medium for initiating and developing contracted research activities.
  • Training: TÜGİP provides technical, business, and sectoral trainings. Based on the market demand trainings in different topics will be added to the portfolio.
  • Technical Consultancy and Mentoring: A wide range of consultancy services is available, ranging from troubleshooting of a product/process/processing line, to construction of new processing lines, from selection of equipment to laboratory establishment. TÜGİP will offer mentoring services particularly for SMEs and entrepreneurs.  
  • Testing and Analysis: TÜGİP offers a wide range of comprehensive testing & analysis services both at Advanced Food Safety Lab, Gebze and Giresun & Şanlıurfa premises. The list of testing & analysis instruments can be found at <link>. , ve 
  • Pilot Processing: TÜGİP offers 8 fully equipped state-of-the-art pilot processing  lines in Gebze at the Food Innovation Center (fermented fruit processing, pomegranate & fruit processing, hazelnut processing, instant tea, seafood processing, ready-to-eat meal processing, minimally processed food, starter culture and dairy processing), Hazelnut Drying System in Giresun and Pistachio Processing Line in Gaziantep.