Ecosystem Building

TÜGİP aims to establish a leading and globally recognized technology & innovation community including all stakeholders of the food & beverage industry, as stated in its vision statement.   

Collaboration & Netwoking Generates Success

TÜGİP strives to achieve the top position in ecosystem building through 5 crucial operations: 

  • Common Strategy Building: TÜGİP develops the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, SRIA to present a road map for research, technology development and innovation activities of the food sector in Turkey for the next three years. SRIA takes care the global trends and future prospects, while it prioritizes specific conditions and needs of the sector which will help to develop the science and technology policy priorities.
  • Community Building: TÜGİP is the only food innovation platform in Turkey which draws its strength from its members with a multi-actor approach to foster co-creation. TÜGİP believes that community building is specifically geared towards the needs of the Turkish food sector. In order to achieve a successful community building; TÜGİP offers a unique membership system in which TÜGİP members have continuous access to various privileges & promotions specially designed for them. 
  • Dissemination: TÜGİP strives to be the primary knowledge-intensive FoodTech Ecosystem in Turkey. In this context, it publishes scientific and technological articles, industry facts, white papers, and other types of food-sector related information to maximize its public outreach and dissemination ability.
  • Communication & Exploitation: TÜGİP’s communication strategy is based on following values: Accountability, Integrity, Impartiality, Co-creation, and Confidentiality. TÜGİP members are also given the chance of right of first refusal for exploitation opportunities of TÜGİP’s proprietary know-how. By this way, they will benefit from the know-how of TÜGİP and outputs of common benefit projects as privileged partners which will give them a competitive edge over companies who are not a member.
  • Promotion: TÜGİP promotes the R&D and innovation activities of members which are initiated, implemented, and/or finalized under TÜGİP operational framework. Promotion of innovative products of the members will also be done through the digital Marketplace of TÜGİP, after starting it’s operation.