Business Development

With deep sectoral and technical knowledge in food industry TÜGİP provides business development services in 5 fields to improve the business performance, market access and competency of companies and startups.  

  • Innovation Needs Analysis: The needs analysis helps to understand the current capacity & capability of the company, to identify the obstacles and innovations required to gain competitive advantage and enable business to respond to new market drivers and changing global trends.
  • Matching/Marketplace: This service will raise co-operation to another level entirely. TÜGİP will build a knowledge-intensive foodtech ecosystem in Turkey holding in-depth information such as skills, competencies, capacities, and intellectual assets in the food sector. Thus, TÜGİP can help facilitate contact between suitable companies and match technical & business requests with technical & business offers.  
  • Project Development: This operation covers both R&D, Innovation and Technical Projects dealing with incremental innovation. National and international grants will be actively used to initiate and perform the projects. TÜGİP has a deep knowledge in implementing of various R&D, Innovation and Technical Projects starting from the idea concept phase & evaluation, to finding suitable funds, relevant partners, and preparation of proposals & application.
  • Solution Partnership Development: TÜGİP will create a point of attraction where different actors within the food sector value chain come together and join their forces to reach a common goal. This platform will surely foster co-creation and many different solution partnerships will naturally emerge.
  • National & International Fund Access: TÜGİP will create a synergistic environment to multiply the potential of successful results by complementing individual efforts and capabilities with a multi-actor approach and power of community. TÜGİP will follow the latest funding opportunities for the food industry and disseminate the information. TÜGİP is expected also to become a gateway for innovation with capability to attract international funds to Turkish food sector innovation ecosystem.