Gaziantep Commodity Exchange

An Integrated Pilot Scale Pistachio Processing Line

What makes Gaziantep Pistachios so Irresistible? 

Intense Flavour, High Oil Content & Great Colour  

Gaziantep pistachio also known as Green Gold contains high oil percentage and has an amazing taste, aroma and vibrant colour which make it one of the best pistachio in the world.  It is not a surprise that the “International Gaziantep Pistachio Culture and Art Festival” is celebrated every year in October.

Gaziantep pistachio is wonderfully versatile and can be enjoyed raw, roasted, in a marzipan-like paste or used as an ingredient in almost every sweet delicacy and even foods like salami, sauces and bakery. 

Gaziantep pistachio is packed with great overall nutrition and is rich in potassium, protein, dietary fiber, phosphorus, vitamins B1 & B6. 

Advanced Pilot Scale Pistachio Processing Line 

The scientifically and technologically advanced pistachio processing line provides integrated solutions to the pistachio industry to ensure the highest standarts in efficiency, hygiene and food safety. The new line is hosted by Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, one of the pioneer entity of innovation in the region. 

The state-of-the-art pistachio processing line will enhance quality & safety improvement in pistachio production covering all processes from raw materials processing to final packed product.

Furthermore, the highly efficient pistachio dehulling system will enable to maximize the peeling process of pistachios which currently can not be properly handled by the existing facilities.  

The pistachio processing line is designed in compliance with HACCP principles, hygiene rules and regulations and will optimize the production process of high-quality pistachios in terms of food safety, physical properties and nutritional value.