Giresun Commodity Exchange

Hazelnut Drying System, Giresun

Best Hazelnuts Deserve The Best Process Solutions 

Giresun is home to first-class hazelnuts in the world as it has the optimum geographical and climate conditions for high quality hazelnut cultivation. Giresun Fat Hazelnut is famous with it’s delicious taste and high fat & protein content.

Hazelnut is a key export agriculture product in the region and many SMEs and farmers deal with the cultivation and trade of this marvellous nut. 

The Pilot Scale Mobile Hazelnut Drying System in Giresun is hosted by Giresun Commodity Exchange and is established to increase yield, export potential & competitiveness of hazelnut through food safety, minimizing quality losses and improving drying and preserving techniques.

Drying Hazelnuts Rapidly & Precisely  

The pilot scale mobile hazelnut drying system ensures homogenous & quick drying for in shell hazelnuts by reducing the moisture content to 6-7 percent.  

There are vital reasons to replace conventional drying methods with novel drying techniques: 

  • Mobile hazelnut drying system enables rapid drying treatment while traditional drying methods need proper weather conditions. 
  • Modern drying process ensures food safety & long-term storage   
  • State-of-the-art mobile drying system enable high quality drying results in a very short time.      

In short, the pilot scale mobile hazelnut drying sistem will help to increase hazelnut quality & food safety and prevent postharvest losses in the region. 

Further Benefits of the Innovative Drying System

The system enables further R&D activities: 

  • The environmentally-friendly dryer system with the use of renewable solar energy, will not only be a prototype for hazelnut but also for other nuts (e.g.pistachio, walnut), dried fruits (e.g. figs, raisins) and dried vegetables (e.g. red paprika, tomatoes).
  • Tackling the challenges of hazelnut drying in the region 
  • Providing essential scientific and technological input to SMEs to construct such a system in the region for hazelnut and other nuts such as walnut, almond, pistachio and other applicable food products.