Giresun Food Test and Analysis Laboratory

The laboratory will be capable of performing specific Microbiological, Chemical, Physical and Instrumental analyses for food industry.

Giresun Food Test/Analysis Laboratory will be an accredited laboratory for a variety of specific analyses which is needed in the region. The analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, ICP-MS and LC-MS/MS will enable the laboratory for the analyses of specific chemical components. 

The food producers operating in the North of East Anatolia, East Blacksea and Center Anatolia regions in particularly the ones producing hazelnut, tea, dairy products, vegetable-fruits, cereals, seafood, and dairy producers will benefit from Giresun Food Test and Analysis Laboratory. All the equipment and human resources in laboratory will be available for SMEs for their quality monitoring checks of the products and R&D needs. 

Giresun Laboratory will also have the equipment to undertake milk compositional test and analysis. Laboratory equipment and provided expertise will enable the dairy sector to adjust to the new market requirements and increase the milk quality in the region. 

In addition the laboratory will be able to carry out residue, contaminant and food quality analysis.