Starter Culture Line

For The First Time in Turkey: Domestic Starter Cultures 

Long Lasting, Additive Free Natural Yoghurt

TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute, founder of TÜGİP; has developed a long-life yoghurt starter culture obtained from non genetically altered bacteria strains collected from Anatolia, which can be a game-changer for Turkish dairy industry.  

With these additive free and non genetically altered domestic starter cultures, our traditional & delicious yoghurt will preserve its freshness for a long time. The domestic starter culture excellently matches with TUBİTAK’s Probiotic J1. This L.plantarum strain is a good source of probiotics by passing through the human upper digestive system, 100% alive.  The probiotic enhanced long shelf life yoghurt has an superior taste and is a perfect way to incorporate probiotics in our Daily routine. A ready-to-produce probiotic liquid drink from lyophilized probiotic bacteria strains has also been developed. 

Embracing the Local through Responsible Innovation & Authenticity 

Locally & naturally sourced, best-quality bio-ingredients will certainly increase the taste & aroma, quality and health benefits of dairy products such as yoghurt & cheese, and fermented foods/beverages. These starter cultures can be supplied at pilot-level quantities to companies such as artisan & traditonal cheese and yoghurt manufacturers, dairy manufacturers and farms in both dried and frozen form which are high-tech methods to protect and preserve them.     

With the exceptionally equipped pilot line, manufactures will be able to create the right formula & tailored solutions for their specific needs of food and beverage starters. Furthermore they will gain insight of the latest technology to improve their current traditional production methods, standardize & optimize existing cultures, ensuring food safety and develop their products faster. 

Stay at the Cutting Edge of Research and Technology 

The dairy and fermented food industries are changing very fast. To meet these needs of the market, TÜGİP’s state-of-the-art pilot line provides integrated solutions which cover almost every feauture of the product – from taste, aromas and texture, to nutritional value and food safety, to long shelf life and efficiency. Companies will be able to identify technological, molecular, biochemical properties, antimicrobial activities and aroma producing abilities of the selected cultures and observe their incidence and development during yoghurt, ayran and cheese fermentation & maturation.  

Furthermore the pilot line enables the determination of shelf life and preparation of compatible culture mixtures to produce value added dairy products, fermented foods and beverages. The line also enables to develop labeled cultures, that can be traced back during the food fermentation and food consumption.

Starter Culture Pilot Line Equipment:

  • Tree Blender
  • Pilot Scale Fermenter
  • Centrifuge
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Homogenizer for Cyrogenic Solution
  • Mobile Manual CIP Skid
  • Rocking Granulator
  • Four Way Powder Mixer Homogenizer