İbrahim Sani Özdemir

Emel Önder Fırat

Minimally Processed Food Pilot Line

Natural, Fresh & Additive-Free Foods That Promote Health

Consumers increasingly want products which provide convenience, health and time savings. Yet as food technology and customer trends are evolving, the expectations  of consumers are even higher. But the change of preferences open up many new opportunities for businesses such as extending shelf life of food, developing premium foods, entering new markets, increasing sales & margins and avoiding food waste. 

Increasing Demand for Minimally Processed Foods 

One of the steadily growing segments in the food retail industry is minimally processed foods which are natural foods slightly altered by processes such as cleaning, removing inedible/unwanted parts, washing, drying, cutting and modified atmosphere packaging to increase their functionality while retaining most of their nutritional and sensory value. 

TÜGİP’s minimally processed food pilot line provides advanced food processing solutions for extended shelf life, packaging & storage while keeping the fresh appearance and improving the microbiological safety of minimally processed foods. 

A Value Added Presentation of Fresh Fuits & Vegetables

Rising urbanisation and busy lifestyles among the working population causes less time to prepare fresh vegetable and fruit-based dishes. Minimally processed fruits & vegetables meet consumer’s increasing demand for “quick and convenient’’ products. The consumption of minimally processed ready-to-eat salads and derivates started in the 1970s in the USA ,early 1980s in Europe and recently in Turkey. 

The advanced minimally processed food pilot line designed with international and national know-how enables to develop & produce value added ready-to-eat fruits & vegetables originated from Turkey and to contuct R&D studies for a wide variety of region-specific fruits & vegetables and diverse packaging combinations. 

Advanced Packaging Solution

The pilot line will enable pillow-type package for processed fruits & vegetables with a variety of packaging materials such as OPP, BOPP, PE, PET. The packaging system allows to achieve & maintain the desired modified atmosphere composition which is specifically defined with prior  trials using controlled atmosphere system according to the product attributes.  

Determining optimum packaging/storage atmosphere composition for fresh F&V 

The controlled atmosphere cells (60 in total), will be mainly used to determine the optimal atmospheric composition for unprocessed  fresh fruits and vegetables which will be stored at control atmosphere storage rooms for prolonged durations or transported to long distances in controlled atmosphere containers. In addition to unprocessed fresh fruits and vegetables, controlled atmosphere cells can also be used to determine the optimum atmospheric composition for the storage of processed fruits & vegetables and other food varieties.  

Minimally Processed Food Pilot Line Equipment:

  • Preparation Belt
  • Cutter
  • Pre-Washer
  • Disinfestation Tank
  • Rinsing Tank
  • Centrifuge
  • Multi-head Weighting Machine
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine
  • Cleaning Unit on the Frame
  • Metal Detector
  • Gas Analyse Device
  • Controlled Atmosphere System