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Sena Saklar Ayyıldız

Herbal Extraction Processing Line

Value Added Products with Herbal Extraction

The pilot line well-established with the expertise and extensive experience of TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute in herbal extraction processes, will help companies and entrepreneurs to use novel technology to create value added products & ingredients, and gain competitive edge in the market.   

Superior Quality and High Yield

The state-of-the-art Herbal Extraction Line enables superior ingredient & product quality and boosts yield by ensuring the safety of products. 

The Pilot Herbal Extraction Line is designed to carry out extraction of medicinal and aromatic  plants, black tea and green tea to obtain valuable products.  It enables a water- & alcohol-based extraction, spray drying and fluidized bed drying of extracts.  

A Precious Ingredient for Herbal Food Supplements & Functional Foods

The Herbal Extraction Line enables a continuous water-based & alcohol-based extraction of herbs. Obtained extracts can be used as ingredients for food supplements, functional foods and beverages.

Turkey has a remarkably rich and diverse flora with more than 12,000 plant species and subspecies taxa. Turkey is among the leading countries of export of medicinal and aromatic plants.  

The Pilot Line enables production of 100% pure herbal extracts with active compounds to obtain value added products.   

High Quality & Natural Instant Black, Green and Herbal Teas

Turkey is among the top five tea producers in the world and ranks first in terms of tea quantity consumed per capita. Black and green tea is grown and cultivated in the Black Sea region only, which is also the richest source of edible herbal products (70%). Rich in natural tea resources, the region holds the potential to be one of the main players in the instant tea market in both Turkey and abroad. Companies will have the opportunity to innovate value added instant tea varieties to match the changing demands of consumers and offer a wide variety to suit different moods & tastes. 

Equipment of Herbal Extraction Processing Line 

  • Ultrasonic Extractor
  • Horizontal Extractor
  • Spray Dryer
  • Fluidized Bed Dryer