Cesarettin Alaşalvar

Ebru Pelvan Pelitli

Hazelnut Processing Line

Hazelnut: The Undisputed Champion of Turkey 

Turkey is the world leader in production and export of hazelnut, producing an enormous 70% of the world’s supply. Hazelnut has a widespread use in the food industry and Turkish companies are well-positioned to benefit from the raising demand of hazelnut products.  

Aside from consuming it directly, hazelnut is widely used in food production as an ingredient in confectionary (such as cookies, paste, chocolate, pralines, cakes) and healthy snacks (such as energy bars, breakfast cereals). 

The advanced hazelnut processing pilot line enables to develop game-changing breaktroughs and overcome challenges related to value added product development, and drying-processing-storage conditions. Thus, not only hazelnut sector but also the whole nut and dried fruit industry may achieve competitive advantage. Manufacturers will be able to use the gained experiences for other nuts such as pistachios and almonds, dried fruits and vegetables production which will open new product markets.

Great Results with Advanced Technology and Know-How 

The state-of-the-art hazelnut pilot production line will be used to develop new value added hazelnut products and improve the quality of existing ones so that manufactures can practice advanced technologies and convert them into commercial opportunities. 

Fresh hazelnuts from latest harvests will be used to develop new & innovative hazelnut products to cater to the changing consumer demands. The pilot line will provide a wide ingredient selection for chocolates, confectionery, bakery, snacks and new beverage products.  Furthermore, implementation of R&D projects will help to improve the processing and storage conditions and development of  new hazelnut products to increase hazelnut consumption by entering or creating new markets. 

The pilot line contains a wide range of equipment for different processes such as roasting, tailored size reduction (grinder, fine grinder and chopping), extruding, coating, covering, croquant processing, pasting, chocolate making  and chips making. The new spherical roaster will enable to roast the hazelnuts with a high aroma and texture quality. After size reduction roasted and chapped hazelnuts will be extruded for croquant processing. 

Hazelnut Processing Pilot Line Equipment:

  • Elevator with Bunker
  • Linear Roaster + Aroma Drum
  • Skinning Machine with Air
  • Chocolate Cover and Cooling Tunnel
  • Dust Collecting Machine
  • Drajee Coating Unit
  • Chopping Machine
  • Grinder Product Sieve Machine
  • Horizontal Fine Grinder
  • Grinder (with Blades)
  • Automatic Oil Feeding System
  • Minor Chocolate Line
  • Crushing Machine
  • Extruder
  • Croquant Processing