Fermented Fruit Processing Line

High Quality Vinegars & Fermented Beverages from Indigenous & Endemic Fruits  

Vinegars are generally made from grapes and apples, which is a well-known practice in Turkey. However, many types of fruit vinegars, balsamic vinegars and fermented beverages (like kombucha and beet kvass) are becoming more popular due to their health properties and diverse range of flavours. 

Turkey is blessed with some of the tastiest fruits in the world and apart from grape and apple, vinegars can be made from indigenous fruits such as quince, pomegranate, pear, fig, plum, hawthorn berry and cranberry. 

Specialized Equipment and Integrated Solutions

TÜGİP Fermented Fruit Pilot Line is designed with international and national consultancy and know-how to maximize overall efficiency and to deliver processing solutions to help overcome the challenges of the fermented beverage business. 

The pilot line is well-equipped for small-scale commercial trials of high quality blends and fermented beverages from Turkish originated fruits, and to improve and upgrade knowledge and techniques in the field of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage technology which includes also a wine cellar. 

Furthermore, degustation analyses can be carried out to evaluate the taste of the final products. 

Fermented Fruit Processing Pilot Line Equipment:

  • Selection Sorting Unit
  • Elevator
  • De Stemming and Crushing Machine
  • Mono pump ( for mash transfer)
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Holding Tank
  • Holding Tanks Modification
  • Storage Tank
  • Pump
  • Plate Filter
  • Mobil Cavity Pump
  • Vinegar Generator
  • Filing(Bottling) Machine
  • Corking Machine
  • Labelling Machine
  • Cap Sealing Machine
  • Density Alcohol Analyser