Dairy Processing Line

A Rising Demand for Tasty & Healthy Dairy Products 

There is a wide range of dairy products such as cheese, condensed milk, yoghurt, ice cream on the market. 

Yoghurt, cheese and dairy beverages are one of the most dynamic categories in the dairy industry due to their health benefits, great tastes, diverse flavor and texture options and good match with other food products. 

As fermented dairy products; yoghurt, kefir (expended from Anatolia to Europe), ayran (Turkish yoghurt drink) and some type of cheese are one of the best sources of calcium and some vitamines which help to improve bone health, support immunity and enhance well-being. Furthermore, these traditional products deserve a special attention as they’re indispensable food & beverages in almost every home in Turkey.   

The increasing awareness of healthy eating, urges consumers to change their eating habits and force manufacturers to produce both nutritious and tasty foods & beverages.  Thus, dairy producers can take the opportunity to increase their sales and profit by improving quality & production process.  

Combine Global Dairy Expertise with Local Knowledge 

Consumers want to rely on the content of the product and seek for dairy products which are both practical & reliable. They are know much more familiar with food safety issues and prefer sustainably processed products with high quality & safety standarts. 

The dairy process line is well equipped to ensure superior product quality by handling professionally the sensitive & highly perishable milk products and keeping their original taste. 

The pilot line will give an insight to to meet international standarts and to take a bigger share of the growing dairy industry in Turkey and abroad. 

Design pleasurable dairy products with the right process

Manufacturers will be able to manage and conduct hygienic dairy processing including pasteurization, develop new dairy product varieties, conserve products during maturation & extend shelf life of products without losing fresh taste, improve yoghurt/cheese/ayran production methods and learn how to control and reduce the microbial load of environment and equipment in the plant.

Simultaneous Product Development Opportunity 

While developing new starter cultures of various yoghurt and cheese types at the starter culture line; you can synchronously try them in the dairy processing line to create value added dairy products which enables you to speed up your R&D progress and attain faster final product results. Also different additives, enzyme combinations and flavours can be tested. 

Dairy Processing Pilot Line Equipment:

  • Pasteurizator
  • Homogenizator
  • Cream Separator
  • Fermentation Vat
  • White Cheese Mold Frame
  • Yoghurt Milk Process Tank
  • Yoghurt Filling Machine
  • Ripening Shelve
  • Process Tank
  • Curd Press and Perforated Chart
  • Line Filter
  • Scalding and Kneading Machine
  • Kashar Molds
  • Kashar Resting/Maturation Cart
  • Vacuum Evaporator
  • Ayran Cooling Exchanger
  • Holding Tank
  • Hand Type Yoghurt Filling Nozzle