About Pilot Processing Lines

TÜGİP offers many services to the food industry including the outstanding state-of-the-art Pilot Processing Lines with the aim of supporting the R&D and innovation capabilities of food processing firms. 

The Pilot Processing Lines are extremely well equipped with industrial machinery and tools, and can be operated with the consultancy of TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute researchers who are highly experienced and qualified in the field. 

Rental Options & Customized Services

There are two different rental systems designed specifically for Pilot Processing Lines: Line Rental or Equipment Rental. Customers can use pilot lines on their own by respecting certain codes of conduct specified by TÜGİP or can demand technical expert support from TÜGİP.

Besides providing the latest technology and versatile pilot scale processing lines, TÜGİP will deliver customized services related to the R&D and innovation activities such as product testing, analyses, trials, formulation, training and consultancy.

Food Innovation Center of Excellence

Food Innovation Center provides a wide range of machines, equipment and expertise to help customers to turn their ideas into great products.  

The facility has 8 Pilot Processing Lines which are designed with industry expertise and equipped with approx. 200 food processing machines and equipments, to enable processing a wide range of food & beverage products.

Food Producers will benefit from the Pilot Lines in Multiple Ways:

  • Carry-out R&D and innovation studies with low risk and low cost,
  • Observe different processing methods for different food product types,
  • Carry out pilot scale production,
  • Carry out process optimization,
  • Save money and time as they do not stop their own processing line for the R&D studies,
  • Make trials with the lowest raw material amount and save labour, power, raw material, ingredients and processing consumables,
  • Evaluate new raw materials and ingredients,
  • Experience and evaluate new machinery and equipment,
  • Use Advanced Food Safety Laboratory to test and evaluate R&D outputs and products,
  • Have staff hands-on training,
  • Experiment and develop long shelf life food products for easy marketing into long distances,
  • Reach to a feasibility study after R&D studies, 
  • Reach to a know-how package after R&D studies,
  • Access to expert guidance and technical consultancy on each pilot line and for processing methods.