TÜGİP – Your Partner For Innovation

With 50 years of experience, constantly striving for scientific success in the food industry, TÜBİTAK MAM Food Insititute takes pride in building the “Food Innovation Platform of Turkey (TÜGİP)” in 2020, to improve the regional competitiveness of the food industry.

We Offer Integrated Solutions – Something for Everyone!

TÜGİP is by far the largest Food & Beverage Solution Provider of process & product innovation and R&D in Turkey. The ultimate goal of TÜGİP is to become a leading platform in R&D and innovation for the food sector and improve regional & international innovation-based competitiveness of Turkish food industry, especially SMEs and Startups.  

TÜGİP offers a broad spectrum of technologies and services in R&D, Innovation, Infrastructure and Marketing, provide technology road maps, networking opportunities and access to financial support mechanisms to its members. TÜGİP membersip covers a wide range of SMEs, startups, large scale enterprises, academics, universities and various stakeholders of the food industry to reach an equal-participatory governance structure that covers the whole country.

Ask & Test Before Invest: Trim Costs & Uplift Competitiveness

Through our advanced & well equipped Food Innovation Centre, Food Safety Labs, Regional Pilot Scale Processing Systems and highly skilled food processing experts & engineers; SMEs, startups, large scale enterprises and institutions can benefit from safe, smart and cost-effective food & beverage processing technologies, get access to specialist expertise, optimize and scale up processes & products which will enable them to gain competitive advantage in national and international markets and strenghten collaboration among food actors.